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Hola! I'm Meg, an Australian graphic, textile and apparel designer. My work celebrates a freedom of spirit and joyful sense of discovery. I draw inspiration from the hand-rendered aesthetics of eras current and bygone, along with an enriching appreciation of world culture and the natural world. Designing for change and incorporating sustainability into my practice is key.


I currently enjoy creating for eco-minded folk, from my home studio along the Wadawurrung coastline. Recent collaborations include textile design for ocean protecting label Boardsox, print and consult work for eco-ethical labels ArtxSrubs and Nerida Hansen Fabrics, as well as the design of activewear and textiles for enviro-conscious labels Salty Beasts and Yogi Peace Club.

My professional journey began in graphic and textile design, followed by apparel design and creative direction for youth labels such as Rip Curl Girlswear.  Since then, New York studios, Design Works International and LyLove Studios, have represented my work at Premiere Vision New York, Indigo New York, Printsource New York, Surtex New York, The Los Angeles International Textile Show, Premiere Vision Paris, Eindhoven Netherlands, Heimtextil Frankfurt and Indigo Home Brussels. For several years alongside this, I have also lectured and tutored in Creativity & Dangerious Ideas and Design Skills at Deakin University,  an enriching experience giving back to emerging creatives.


If you are interested in working together, please do get in touch. In the meantime, please check out my product portfolio here and textiles designs there.